Natural Healing for Pets


You may have considered energy medicine and natural healing for yourself, but how about for your furry friend Our pets feel like family to us and as such we desire to care for their health and well-being. Just as humans do, they can also receive the benefits of holistic healing methods. This allows them to avoid […]

Why you Should Start Using the Ultimate Wellness Band

Many people wonder how putting a small round holographic disc on their skin can possibly have any wellness effects on their body.  After all, people have been led to believe that we have to take some kind of pill, get an injection, or take a supplement to achieve true wellness. Thankfully though – there are modalities […]

9 Ways to Stay Happy Naturally

naturally happy

Are you as happy as you would like to be?

We believe that everyone deserves to be happy and healthy.

Here are 9 practices that we incorporate into our every-day lives to help support Happiness.

Be Present

Are you as happy as you would like to be? We believe that everybody deserves to be happy. Often what keeps us from achieving true happiness is when we are dwelling in the past or thinking about the future. Doing so keeps us distracted from the moment that we are actually experiencing, therefore taking away from the happiness that we could be enjoying.

Top 10 Tips to Prevent Back Pain Naturally

Back pain is the second most common reason for visits to the doctor’s office, outnumbered only by upper-respiratory infections. In fact, some experts say, as many as 80% of us will experience a back problem at some time in our lives. Probably quite accurate considering many of us have already experienced some form of back […]

4 Ways to Promote a Beneficial Nighttime Routine


Creating a consistent sleep pattern can produce undeniable benefits. By training ourselves to fall asleep at the relatively same time each night, we create and maintain a positive flow of our natural biorhythm clocks. When we go to sleep and wake up at different times every day, it’s a constant surprise / guessing game for […]

10 Foods to Clear Skin


Our skin is the largest organ of the body and as such is usually what people notice first when they see us. Although there are many factors that contribute to clear skin, our dietary choices can aid or cause havoc. Food sensitivities can cause inflammation that show up on the skin. For example, it’s been […]


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