Mother’s Day Ideas

Moms – they carried us for 9 months, and continues to care for us throughout our lifetime. She’s the soul who loves us even on the hard days. The one we can call when we need to hear an uplifting voice. She’s an inspiration and example of love.

While she’s sure to be happy by simply spending time with you, or hearing from you if you are separated by distance, here are some ways that you can help her enjoy a healthy and Happy Mother’s Day.

Make a Meal at Home

Give your mom the ultimate catering experience by making a meal with her at home. Sure, you could go out to eat, but that would come with long waits (considering everyone goes out to eat on Mother’s Day) and can take away from the experience of sharing a meal together.

Plus, we all know the secret ingredient to a great recipe – love. She’s sure to appreciate the time, thought, and energy that you’ll put into preparing a meal for her.

After all, hasn’t she prepared countless meals for you?

Consider a healthy and high-vibrational meal such as a quinoa salad with nuts and dried cranberries. Smoothies, fresh juices, and raw desserts are great options for dessert that will leave you both feeling light and happy. The perfect way to enjoy the present of each others presence.

mothers day ideas

Give the Gift of Health

There are many ways to share the gift of health with the ones we love. You can buy a gift-card to a gym or studio, juice bar, their favorite exercise apparel company, new sneakers, etc.

Here at Body Align, we also offer various gifts of holistic health that Mom would love! Our natural relief, sleep, and purifying discs offer a non-invasive alternative to acupuncture. That’s right – she can receive the benefits of acupuncture without having to be poked by needles. In addition, we also offer vitamins and more.

Think about what applies best for her life and what she could benefit most from.

Take a Fitness Class Together

What better way to spend time with Mom than to partake in activities that help to promote longevity? Going to a fitness class together whether it be pilates, cycling, restorative yoga, dance, etc. is a fun way to move and groove with the woman you love.

It sends a message that you care about her health and well-being and are here to support it.

Bonus: Many gyms and studios offer Mother’s Days special around the week of so look out for sales and opportunities to save!

Spend Time Outside

Spending time with nature is peaceful and a free activity for those on a budget. As we mentioned in the beginning, family is happy to spend time together regardless of where they are or what they’re doing – it’s the time and thought that matters most.

mothers day ideas

Going to a nearby park, or beach if available to you, is a beautiful way to spend the day. Listen to the melody of the birds, enjoy the breeze upon your skin, and absorb the sun’s natural energy together.

Remind her how beautiful she is, spend that quality time with her, ensure her that you appreciate her and all she’s done for you.

Make her feel special. She deserves it.

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