Do you know what 5G does to your body?

My video with Steve Lepkowski informs us all about 5G & EMF radiation dangers and what you can do to protect both you and your loved ones. A must watch!

Former Lead engineer at Texas Instruments exposes the dangers of 5G and creates a simple solution for humanity using Tesla style technology!

The dangers of EMF radiation are very real, with a measurable biological impact to us all. Harmful EMF radiation is produced not only from towers and power lines but from many everyday household devices that are part of the modern era, some include:

Cell Phones

WiFi Routers


Desktop Computers




HDTVs in a major way!

As the 5G network continues to roll out, these dangers will likely only increase…

It is estimated as the 5G network continues to be rolled out, this EMF radiation will likely increase by a minimum of 10 times beyond current levels. Protect yourself and your loved ones with these products from Body Align.


Steve Lepkowski & Body Align


Degree of Mechanical Engineering (1984), MBA Duke University (2002)

Lead Engineer 2G 3G 4G (Texas Instruments) leading 140 engineers

15 years experience in energetic biology and wholistic energetic wellness


A company specializing in 5G/EMF Radiation Protection and Energy Wellness

University studies finds proven biological benefits of products

Body Align has sold millions of holographic discs around the world with great reviews!

So, when it comes to knowing about wholistic energetic wellness and how this technology works, simply put:

Steve is my guy

Charlie Ward

The true benefits of
Body Align EMF Protection

Helps reduce pain

Provides for better, more restful sleep

Improved mental focus and accuity

Simply feel better everyday

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